3 Exercise Types to Help Alleviate Lower Back Pain

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Feeling pain in your lower back one time too many? Well, you’re not alone. About six percent of Latinos suffer from back pain—caused from aging, injury, or stress—on a daily basis. More often than not the pain stems from muscles being wound up into a knot, which can be caused by lack of exercise. Or from lifting a heavy item incorrectly. Or, from simply moving too fast. For women, the pain can come along during their menstrual cycle. However it comes, back pain should be viewed as a symptom of a possible medical condition, so check with your doctor if it persists.

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But there are quick, easy fixes to smaller, less intense back pain. To treat stiffness in your back, try a warm water epsom salt soak, then medicinal massage to loosen the muscles. If the pain is more severe, see a doctor, who may prescribe physical therapy, chiropractic as well as a combination of both with medication to bring you back on track. The following are  three key exercise types that you can do to avoid having back pain and if you do, help to alleviate it.

• Aerobic exercises
Aerobic exercises include swimming and dancing. Aerobics ensure that there is good flow of oxygenated blood not only to the heart but also to all of your muscles. If the pain is not too much, then you can do the more vigorous types of aerobics like swimming, which gives a good body work out. But if the pain is unbearable, you may want to try easier exercises like walking in water or water aerobics.
• Strengthening exercises
These are exercises that are more focused on the stomach,  back and legs. The main rationale is that if you have healthy stomach, back and leg muscles, then your back will provide a great support system, which alleviates the lower back pain, and also reducing the likelihood of developing future back pains. Tai Chi is a great way to ensure that you get the back, the stomach and the feet exercised. In fact, experts believe that Tai chi can help you to overcome pains associated with arthritis, diabetes or any chronic disease that might result in complications with coordination and balance.
• Stretching exercises
Stretching exercises are mainly for the purpose of keeping your muscles flexible. The idea is that if muscles are more flexible, then they will be less likely to be injured and that ultimately means that you will reduce the likelihood of experiencing back pains. It is important to be cautious about the exercise you choose since some might make the pain even worse. Some of the examples of exercises that you should avoid include:

  • Straight leg or even bent leg sit-ups
  • Leg lifts, where you lie on the ground and lift both legs
  • Bicep curls, which is lifting of heavy weights

• Lower back stretch
You can try this exercise when you are seated upright in a firm chair. Once you are seated, you may fold and pull in one of your leg until it touches your chest. It is important to ensure that your back remains straight as you do this. You can hold the leg on that position for 15-30 seconds before changing to the other leg and repeating the procedure.

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