Can You Lose Weight By Eating Frijoles?

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The answer to this question is YES. Frijoles can actually help you lose weight. Beans are not only a great source of protein but they also come with the added advantage of soluble fiber which is necessary for prevention of various diseases. Instead of eating animal protein that is often fatty, beans can give you the lean proteins that you need to lose weight.

You can complement beans with rice (one cupful only) or other grain foods instead of the higher fat animal proteins like beef. The beans will help in two ways. First and foremost, the beans will give you less calories as opposed to the animal proteins. That way, you get only what your body requires for optimal performance. The second importance of beans in your quest to lose weight is that if you eat the beans with grains, you are more likely to get fuller soon as opposed to eating meat. As a result, you will not consume more calories than your body actually needs.

Nutritional value
Beans will not only provide you with lean protein but also zinc, iron and fiber. One half cup of pinto beans will give you approximately 120 calories. If you get great northern beans, you will get only 100 calories per half cup. And  garbanzo beans will give you the highest calories with 130 per half cup.

Health benefits of beans
Beans have been known to be very important for the health of your heart. Since they are rich in soluble fiber, they will help in the reduction or elimination of the risk of stroke or heart diseases. It also helps in reduction of risk of getting diabetes as well as helping the cholesterol levels in the blood to subside which means your heart will be healthier. Even though beans are mostly recognized for their soluble fiber, it does not mean that they do not have insoluble fiber. This insoluble fiber is necessary since it helps in the prevention of constipation or any other conditions related to the digestion tract.

Since beans can be dried, they are readily available all year round and can easily be found at a nearby supermarket. However, If you are looking for exotic varieties of beans, you may need to go to a health food store near you. Most people dislike beans because they take a long time to cook. However, you can soak them in water before cooking in order to make them softer. Soaking in water also helps rid the beans of the gas producing indigestible carbohydrates that bothers most people.

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