Healthy Happiness In A Bowl: Seafood Ceviche

Posted on 6. 6. 16 | By Vida Vibrante | 12:24 pm | Updated 12:24 pm

seafood-cevicheMy family and I always used to go camping at the beach in Guanica, Puerto Rico. We’d spend the weekend swimming and sitting by the fire, eating sandwiches and building sand castles. On the way home on Sunday afternoons, we’d always stop at this little food stand for an “end of the weekend” meal. They served various forms of ceviche, a cold salad made from seafood freshly caught from the sea, which was only just a few yards from the stand itself. I would sit in the sand with my plate, and watch the sunset with my family. To this day, I equate happiness with this yummy seafood dish.  So this Memorial Day, instead of serving your guests the usual ensalada de papa drenched in fatty mayo, why not create some memories of your own? Make some ceviche! 

The seafood is not cooked, but the citric acids from the lime and orange juices mixed into the dish breaks down the protein in the fish, in essence “cooking” it. It’s called denaturing, and it’s used to cure all kinds of meats and veggies. Ceviche is served all over Latin America, and each country has their own variation. It’s extremely popular at beach-side food stands (like the one in Guanica), as it’s a delicious, tangy and refreshing treat that’s not only easy to make, but keeps fresh all day in a cooler full of ice. If that wasn’t enough, ceviche is also low-fat!  So how can you make this great summery snack?  Follow these easy steps and your family, your guests—and your tummy—will thank you. 

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