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Natalie Maniscalco … Read More

Health Insurance Options
image The Affordable Healthcare Act: Obamacare

Despite all the chatter about a possible government shutdown ove… Read More

Politics & Health
image 8 Latino Celebs Tweet Support of DOMA Knock-Down Decision

On Tuesday, many wept about the voter registration setback cause… Read More

image FDA Lowers Age of Morning-After Pill; Now Available to Girls Under 15

Just one month ago, a federal judge asked the Food and Drug Adminis… Read More

Politics & Health
image No Health Coverage for Undocumented Immigrants Under New Bill

There are approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants in t… Read More

image Boston Bombers In Shoot-out with Cops; 1 Dead, Another On the Run

After the FBI officially produced the images of the two men believ… Read More

image Bombs Can’t Break Our Spirit Says Dominican Bostonian

Monday afternoon as I sat in my car listening to the devastating ne… Read More

image An Open Letter to Jay-z From Phil Lord, Son Of Cuban Refugees

And the controversy continues. If only Jay-Z hadn’t decid… Read More

Politics & Health
image Stop-And-Frisk Mandate Exposed by Latino WhistleBlower

Stop-and-Frisk, the practice by law enforcement of identifying … Read More

Politics & Health
image Why Latinos Must Weigh in on Current Voting Rights Case

The Voting Rights Act is under scrutiny in a current Supreme Court … Read More

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