When it comes to loyalty and dedication, you and I both can attest to a best friend being the best thing ever.  But, in between a little fight that gets blown way out of proportion, a miscommunication here and there and some things we may say in the heat of the moment to one another. And look what may happen?  One too many relationships are broken and before you know it, best friends turn into strangers.

However, it just never seems to be that way with dogs.

 We see it constantly in videos shared in movies as elements of a story online, on networking, and even in its form in real life, we know. There are tons of videos that go viral on social websites about puppies who refuse to”move on with their life” and just sit there laying alongside their late owner’s tomb for years on end, or heartwarming videos that show precisely how ecstatic a dog becomes at the sight of their owner coming back home from work each and every single day. So, what’s the secret to all of this? 1 question we’ve all asked ourselves is, why are dogs so faithful to us?  What did we do to deserve this devotion? Is this something all dogs share in common than it is in others, or is it more amplified in certain dogs? Is this something particular to dogs or is this loyalty also present in creatures that get domesticated as pets? Before your mind takes you on a whirlwind of never-ending questions about this, this is why we’ve assembled this article which aims to inform you about all humanity’s findings up until now about dogs and the way their minds are wired, findings that answer this question and more. loyal dogs

Why Dog Loyalty Is Not About Benefits

A misconception exists out there about dogs’ devotion to their owners, which states that the reason dogs are devoted and faithful is that they’re the ones who give them the means to live in life. Whether that be the dog food or water their bodies need to survive, the roof under their head we supply them with, etc. Some people feel that our dogs love us and are faithful to us because we are the people who give them all these”advantages”.  And as soon as we stop giving them these”benefits”, the love, devotion, and loyalty all soon goes off. This couldn’t be any farther from the truth, however, so by requesting a counter-question allow us to explain why exactly. Why is it precisely that when separated from their owners for years on end without seeing each other, for whatever reason that may be, the dog displays the same (if not more) level of affection, love and devotion to its owner once the two re-meet? Given toys to play with, while its owner was gone away for all these years, the puppy was being fed, groomed, and just taken care of by other people. So logic would say that while they’ve been away for all this time, all of the loyalty, love, and devotion the dog used to hold towards its owner has now been lost out on.

Obviously, however, this isn’t true, not with the countless real-life examples that prove it isn’t the case even after years of separation from one another.  Therefore, if you’ve ever had any doubt that your dog loves you and is faithful to you because of”benefits” they get from you, be more than confident that this is not the case. If there was ever a form of pure, unconditional love that knows no kind of benefits or”what’s in it for me”, it is the love that a dog holds towards its owner. This doesn’t imply that dogs know and can not sense who is caring for them and giving them a way for life, though.  They love you for that, that is for sure, but it is not the only reason.

Sense Of Belonging

It is due to their sense of belonging when it comes down to the real reason why dogs are faithful to us.  Dogs feel like they belong to you and you belong to them, and this feeling could almost never be broken. This is exactly how dogs feel like when they are still in the wild — this impulse to”belong” to a bunch of dogs that they can feel they are an important part of. When no more left in the wild and domesticated instead, this same impulse to”belong” stays together, but is now projected upon you instead of a pack of dogs they frequently roll within the wilderness.

And this bond and feeling of belonging to you and you belong to them, they will carry throughout their life with them. Dogs are animals with an enormous amount of love inside of them just waiting to be given to and shared with the ideal owner.  If you treat your dog the ideal way, give them for and properly treat them, they’ll reveal affection that love and devotion back, tenfold. The more time you spend with them, in participating in activities like workout or play time the more effort you put that grow the bond with you two, the more that sense of belonging will grow and the more powerful that bond will end up.

Do Not Abuse This Privilege

The most significant part all this is that you should never ever abuse this loyalty privilege that you have been blessed with.  One too many dog owners take it for granted, while they don’t deserve a portion of it in their lifetime and misuse it. With depending on the kind of person you are and the way you act around your dog, and time, you might wind up losing this privilege.

People that scold their dogs on a regular basis, be that through verbal means like yelling or even through physical means, are achieving nothing but destroying the connection they once had with their dog and the loyalty and love their dog once used to hold towards them.

Moreover, more than one study was conducted to discover which sort of individuals dogs are more attracted towards, and the majority of the studies found out that dogs are far more attracted towards positive people who have positive vibes to them instead of people that have negative vibes to them. Be a positive person in life who emits positive vibes around your dog you to preserve the loyalty, love, and devotion your pet stays towards you, and when you spend time with them and around people in your life